Do not forget the early heart Wei teamed up with the Pu Bajia interpretation of history of struggle denka

"Do not forget the early heart" Wei teamed up with the Pu Bajia drift deduction struggle history – Sohu entertainment Weil and Pu Bajia     Sohu entertainment directed by the young director Yin Zhe, Wei, starring Pu Bajia, Jiang Chao, Ding Yuchen, Fang Qingzhuo portrait of joining the movie "do not forget the early heart" will be landing in the summer to release today. The movie has been recently in the national open circuit’s propaganda work, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xining, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, nine propaganda position has roadshow half, creative film do foreshadowing for preheating the drama. As a film actress, because looks like Carina Lau, Wei was affectionately known as the audience, little Carina Lau, said, in each of the road show also naturally become one of the most watched focus. The story came from abroad returnee Pu Bajia met North drifters heroine Saussurea, Saussurea in order to make money to cure his father, so also work part-time work in many other outlets, sell their products to overseas after two people due to all sorts of accidental mishaps triggered a series of the flat-share, amusing, thought-provoking the story. As the main female absolute film, Wei will be the first shock to Pu Bajia in the film as a lotus, a father to give money to Beijing for Beijing Youth treatment. Talk about why then play the role of a roadshow Wei said: "snow lotus and myself too sympathetic, and her own character have many similarities, love this role very much, her heart, their strong, and play on the family are touched by my place, play very happy at the same time; Wei also admitted that the epitome of youth in the role of drift is actually around us thousands on thousands of just graduated, very ordinary character it is especially need the test of acting, the audience will be familiar with the feeling. So in the process of shaping the role into a lot of personal experiences, also learned a lot of young people in Beijing’s story, the crew is very grateful to give me a so profound experience." Talk about an initial impression of Wei, the audience is directed by Zheng Xiaolong as "" Mi months pass a diaoman "Wei less", a profound impression to the audience "bad woman". In fact, the role of Wei and I have a very different character, can play so convincing to benefit from Wei’s acting. As in the theater department Kebanchushen Wei, has starred in many film and television works, with a "happy life" Yang Guang Chen angle in the eighth Hollywood Film Festival best new actress America Award; virtue in the film "three unmarried mother" in the performances won the 2012 fourth Macao international outstanding newcomer the Film Festival Award and in 2013 ninth Paris Film Festival Best Supporting Actress; 2013 was the fourteenth Chinese Film Art Academy Award for best actress, the London International Chinese Film Festival special award, so as when this young actor, Wei become acting on behalf of the highly recognized. In addition to outstanding performance skills, Wei also has the reach the acme of perfection of magic skills, is a professional magician, people familiar with her often called her "little witch". So might as well go into the cinema to re understand the "small.相关的主题文章:

Heilongjiang Dragon Coal Group branch, former deputy general bribery of over 300 million yuan was se hamimelon

Heilongjiang Dragon Coal Group branch, former deputy general bribery of over 300 million yuan was sentenced to death with reprieve and life imprisonment – Hubei channel — original title: Heilongjiang Coal Group Liuzhou Branch, former deputy general bribery of over 300 million yuan was sentenced to death with reprieve and life imprisonment in Heilongjiang province forest intermediate people’s court of 22 days 18 when Xu Zheng announced that the 21 day: hospital open verdict Heilongjiang Longmay Mining Group Limited by Share Ltd supplies branch deputy general manager in Tieyi bribery case, the case is so far the highest amount of China in bribery cases. The court of the defendant in Tieyi taking bribes and sentenced to death, suspended for two years, deprived of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property; at the same time, the decision is iron righteousness reprieve for two years shall be reduced to life imprisonment, life imprisonment, or commutation and parole; the defendant in Tieyi illegal income to property recovered and turned over to the state treasury. Examined, from 2005 to 2011, the defendant in Tieyi use as Heilongjiang Longmay Mining Group Limited by Share Ltd supplies branch director and deputy general manager responsible for the overall work of his office, with increasing the number of orders and purchase to improve the purchase price, payment and other help in time for more than 20 suppliers, in order to collect agency fees, sales of products consulting fees, purchase of vehicles, investment in the name of soliciting or accepting property totaling RMB 306809764.09 yuan for the supplier. The court of forest area in Heilongjiang Province, the defendant in Tieyi as a national staff, the use of his office for the benefit of others, illegally soliciting or accepting other people’s property, his behavior constituted bribery. Yu Tieyi huge amount of bribes, particularly serious crime, particularly bad social impact, the especially serious damage to the interests of the state and people, he should be sentenced to death. In view of the justice truthfully confessed handling organs have mastered some bribery facts, take account of the fact that most of bribery case has not yet mastered, exposing others to the crime, has meritorious service, pleaded guilty to repentance, and actively ill gotten gains, their relatives and friends also actively on behalf of the pay back the money, property bribes has been basically repaid, according to statutory and discretionary circumstances of the the punishment according to law. According to Tieyi facts of the crime, nature, circumstances and the degree of harm to society, the whole case of statutory and discretionary circumstances of sentencing, the court then made the decision. It is understood that in the Tieyi court said the decision to obey, not to appeal. Yu Tieyi has also become China’s third national staff sentenced to life imprisonment. (reporter Liu Jinmei Jie Peihua) (: Zhou Tian, commissioning editor of Cardiology)相关的主题文章:

SARFT regulation of the purchase of TV series shall not be the star as the bargaining standard ca1810

The SARFT shall not purchase specification broadcast television to star as the bargaining standard [Abstract] the SARFT’s "notice" to further strengthen the purchase of TV broadcast work management, clear TV broadcast purchase evaluation system should be based on the quality evaluation as the core, the implementation of a comprehensive analysis, comprehensive evaluation. "The State Press and Publication Administration Office on Further Strengthening the purchase of TV broadcast work management notice", Beijing Daily reported on September 23rd (reporter Xu Haozhe map radio Commentary) state press and Publication Administration Office of the day before the release of "the State Press and Publication Administration Office on further strengthening of TV broadcast management" purchase notice. "Notice" requirements, all levels of television broadcasting institutions in the course of the purchase of the TV drama shall not be designated actors, the delineation of the scope of the star actor, star actors for the bargaining standard. Producer Xie Xiaohu pointed out that the first half of 2015 to the first half of 2016, changes in the television industry is the sum of ten years before, the TV drama production cost increase, "the main reason is, star paycheck soaring." Some commentators believe that in recent years some star paycheck is extremely high, the film industry healthy and orderly development of employees in the public image has caused negative effects. Benign and orderly industry, capital is not a game out of the stack. SARFT this notice to further strengthen the management of the purchase of TV drama, a clear evaluation of the TV drama to the quality of the evaluation system as the core, the implementation of a comprehensive analysis, comprehensive evaluation. In the drama of the publicity, the "notice" requirements, ideological content, to highlight the drama art style, production quality, and the creative team to participate in the situation, not in the TV commercials, interviews and other promotional activities in the hype over the stars. ,相关的主题文章:

Nicholas Tse ban Hsu Chi eat fried do you want to recuperate the body is pregnant (video) 海思k3v2

Nicholas Tse ban Hsu Chi eat fried: do you want to recuperate the body is pregnant? [Abstract] yesterday a "Twelve Feng taste 3" video footage began in the network crazy pass, friends were surprised to find that Nicholas Tse has banned Hsu Chi eat fried food "good delicacy in this file program, you need to recuperate the body." Hsu Chi married Stephen Fung Nicholas Tse and Hsu Chi Hsu Chi as Nicholas Tse and Hsu Chi can’t considerate the night market to eat fried foods Tencent entertainment news recently, Taiwan media exposed Hsu Chi to reduce the workload of suspected made man, though Hsu Chi did not admit, but yesterday a "Twelve Feng taste 3" video footage began in the network crazy pass, there are friends Nicholas Tse was surprised to find that Hsu Chi from "good taste of fried food delicacy in this file program, you need to recuperate the body." Once again sparked speculation about Hsu Chi pregnant. In the "3" front flavor exposure of this group of the trailer, Nicholas Tse and Hsu Chi with visiting the night market in Taiwan for two people gathered in a delicacy, fried delicacy stalls, Nicholas Tse bought a snack to eat with relish, as guests of Hsu Chi just face "greedy" color stood aside and asked Nicholas Tse "delicious?" Finally, when Hsu Chi could not help but decided to eat a mouthful, Nicholas Tse actually reached out to stop Hsu Chi, and said, "well, you endure a forbearance, you have to conditioning the body." Hsu Chi was ordered to abandon the delicacy also smiled reluctantly accepted. Why food programs do not allow guests to eat? This video instantly detonated the question of friends, some netizens speculated that because Hsu Chi has begun to prepare for pregnancy. It is reported that Nicholas Tse and Hsu Chi is a good friend for decades, and it is possible that the recording of the program, he has revealed to him in the preparation of the pregnancy of the matter, Hsu Chi.相关的主题文章:

Do not look at regret about the car driver examination

Do not look at regret about the car driver test on the September 9th net, the Ministry of transport announced the "new car as a taxi network about supporting policies and regulations" management of taxi driver qualification and "cruising taxi business service management regulations". According to the taxi driver qualification management regulations, from October 1st onwards, the driver engaged in the network about car service needs to participate in the national and local two examinations. Regulations also set the threshold of the exam, the examination staff to participate in the no five, there must be no violent criminal record. After passing the exam, you need to register to post, qualification registration valid for 3 years. Now a taxi difficult problem may be one of the livelihood of the people most concerned about, with drops, excellent step cart software such as the popularity of network about cars because of an important traffic characteristics of its convenience and low cost has become people’s travel. However, prior to the network about the car is always relatively loose policy results, the quality of employees uneven. Therefore, the current network about the current situation of the development of the car, in order to gradually increase the supply of institutional management, strengthen industry regulation. How to participate in the exam to obtain qualification? According to the relevant provisions of the qualification of the future network, about car driver can not streaking on the road, like the taxi driver to participate in the same exam. Network about car drivers need to apply for qualification examination, the need to participate in the national and local two examinations. Including the national public and regional subjects. The national public subject examination is the knowledge of the national taxi laws and regulations, professional ethics, service standards, safe operation and so on. Regional examination subjects, according to their own circumstances can be set according to the specific content of the examination. In other words, the network about the driver in the car after these exams to become a real operator, otherwise it will lose the network about car operation qualification. "Car" (Tencent Chu network’s car service platform) interpretation: the national level examination is mainly for specific problems, the Ministry of transport regulations set by the regional regional examination is set according to the local conditions of examination, mainly is the specific content of local regulations. The examination is the basic content of the written examination, and similar to the rules and regulations, whether it is a country or place, have the question bank. Question type is the main type of multiple-choice questions and judgment questions, not easy to answer questions such as jane. Considering the application when the driver’s personnel must have a driver’s license, so it will not repeat content examination test set. Who can take the exam? Qualification requirements on the network about the driver of the car set the threshold, that is not all people can apply for the network about car qualification examination. Specifically, only obtain the appropriate permission to drive a motor vehicle driving license and has more than 3 years of driving experience; no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no drink driving record, the recent 3 consecutive scoring cycle no record of 12 points recorded; no violent criminal record personnel might become net about car drivers. Those who meet the above conditions can apply for the examination. There is a car interpretation: no violent criminal records specifically, no robbery, robbery, intentional homicide, intentional injury, rape, explosion and other public security crimes and other crimes. If only "criminal detention" or civil!相关的主题文章:

Embedded kitchen electric industry leader jcuv是什么车

Embedded kitchen electric industry lead singer with the ability to enhance the consumer, more and more consumers began to pursue high quality, simple, convenient, healthy and beautiful home appliance products, in the process of home appliance purchase, price factors accounted for gradually decline, embedded cupboard, oven and other electric kitchen with its decent and space saving advantages. Become a hot kitchen appliances, the traditional kitchen electric faded. The embedded kitchen electric market developed in recent years, the industry has been said "the public demand for home appliances reached saturation, to the mining industry a new growth point, the two functions must be product development, manufacturing industry of the new growth point of the embedded electric kitchen has become a new growth point of kitchen electric industry, and gradually developed mature, has a larger scale. According to the PRC, monitoring data show that in 2016 1~8 months, embedded kitchen appliances, retail sales of steam boiler reached 1 billion 170 million yuan, retail sales growth of 104.9%, retail sales reached 188 thousand units, in the embedded kitchen electric products growth after embedded dishwasher; electric oven retail sales reached 1 billion 200 million yuan, retail sales growth rate 59.8%, retail sales reached 211 thousand units, in the embedded electric kitchen category growth after dishwashers and electric steamer. Because the modern decoration style changes, kitchen electric embedded electric kitchen compared to traditional placed in the table, more space saving and beautiful and decent, from the cupboard, the oven to steam stove, dishwasher kitchen electric, more embedded style. Reporters came to the kitchen area sand garden appliance City Bridge on the third floor of the store, see the brand FOTILE, Midea, Vanward, SIEMENS, etc. the boss counters, can see the embedded electric kitchen figure, and almost all of the majority, the brand counters are the main push embedded kitchen electric products. Then, reporters connect to Sha Yuan kitchen appliances division to Mr. Chen, he learned that, due to the majority of the people are in the suite, electric cooking custom, so favored embedded electric kitchen. Chen said: in fact, as early as 4 or 5 years ago, the market began to switch to the embedded kitchen electricity, and now has grown mature, traditional desktop kitchen electricity has begun to be phased out. In the cupboard for example, displayed in the counter in the cupboard, there are 8 Taiwan is embedded, only 2 is a desktop." Home decoration trend of embedded kitchen electric reporter specially compares traditional kitchen electric and embedded kitchen electricity price difference, the difference between the price discovery, such as: desktop cupboard 1000 yuan in general, even the boss, FOTILE and other high-end brand cupboard also only hundreds of yuan; embedded cupboard is generally more than 1000 yuan, embedded the cupboard boss, FOTILE and other high-end brands even up to 5000 yuan ~6000 yuan. In the face of such a big price difference, there are still many consumers choose the embedded kitchen. According to Mr. Chen said, in the "double 11" on the day, daily sales accounted for all the cupboard cupboard embedded 40%~50%, as many as more than and 20 single brand. He said, because the embedded kitchen electric market developed, the higher the price, in addition to the public consumption ability also increased gradually, so the purchase has many people would rather pay more to buy embedded kitchen electric products. Recently, the reporter interviewed new homes.相关的主题文章: